Help Kirby Catch & Save

Even if you save small amounts of money, eventually it will build up into big bucks. So ask your parents to download the Kirby Catch & Save app. Kirby Catch & Save is in the iTunes app store and available for both Android and iPhones at no charge and help Kirby save big!.

The game is simple but fun. Kirby Kangaroo tries to collect as many coins as possible to save at his local credit union. Mostly he’s catching regular coins but there are green coins that help Kirby build savings faster. Look out though! Those silly Croc Bros are up to mischief as they throw rocks while Kirby works to catch the coins. Be careful or Kirby will get dizzy if he gets hit by a rock and won’t be able to catch coins for a while.

Download Kirby Catch & Save game app now at the iTunes app store and now at Google Play.


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