Kirby loves baseball and one of his favorite things to do is to go see the local team play at the stadium in his town. One night, his dad came home and said, “Why don’t we go see a ball game tonight?”

“YES!” Kirby replied.

When they got to the stadium, Kirby spotted his buddies Cash and Coin Croc. There were plenty of empty seats so Kirby and his parents sat down next to the Croc family and he and his friends enjoyed watching the game and cheering. After a while, Kirby started to get hungry. His mom took $10 out of her purse and told him to get something at the concession stand. Kirby got up to go, and Cash and Coin followed him.

At the concession stand, Kirby looked at his choices. A hot dog and fries would be good! Or maybe a burger and fries? They both cost $7. And he could also afford a fountain drink for $3. As he considered, Kirby noticed Cash and Croc both looking hungrily at the menu board and then sadly at the money in their hands. They only had enough to buy a fountain drink.

Kirby looked back at the menu and had an idea. On the menu was a small pizza cut in six pieces for $7.

“I’ll get the pizza for all of us but you guys will have to share a drink,” he told the Crocs. With big grins, they agreed.

Kirby bought the pizza and a drink and the Crocs got a drink to share. They went back to their seats and ate the pizza – two pieces each – as they cheered on their team.

It was an exciting game! Kirby and the Croc Bros laughed as the team mascot, a giant fuzzy yellow bear with big goggly eyes, played tricks on the umpire and danced on the dugout. Their home team won the game in the last inning. And to top it off, there were fireworks after the game and the ushers handed out free team baseball cards.

At the end, Croc and Cash said good-bye as they left with their parents and thanked Kirby for sharing his pizza.

“That was very nice of you,” Kirby’s mom said.

“It’s OK,” Kirby said. “I was glad to share. It made the game more fun.”



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